IT Business Analyst

We are LUCEED - As a team of experienced Business Technologists, our core competency lies in the execution of strategic initiatives related to the digital transformation of our clients, with the primary goal of achieving the set performance improvement objectives. 

Customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do and we do everything we can to achieve it, starting with making the quality of our work a priority. Our size and flexibility of work are highly appreciated assets. Our reporting structure is very straight-forward: Consultants and Associates.


Your role as an IT Business Analyst

At Luceed, you will be part of a human-sized, ambitious, multidisciplinary, and growing team. Over the past 3 years, we have developed a strong customer base across many industries and a methodology that is focused on enabling customer success and employee satisfaction.

You will apply your consulting skills to the questions that today's small business leaders are asking on topics related to digital technologies. You will co-execute with the client's team and partners to generate long-term impact. Conceptual strength, analytical thinking, and a passion for digital and technology are crucial. 


Your primary responsibilities include:

  • As a Senior Consultant, you are responsible for the end-to-end success of a full project team
  • You identify key client issues on business innovation topics
  • You structure complex situations and formulate solution hypotheses
  • You draw conclusions and make recommendations independently
  • You put in place implementation strategies that create impact
  • You are in regular communication with the client team and play an important role in client interactions and presentations.


We would love to have you join the eluceeder team if you have:

  • Higher education (mathematics, physics, computer science, finance)
  • Proven experience as an IT Business Analyst, with a real ability to analyze requirements 
  • Excellent command of written and spoken French and English. Good knowledge of German or any other language is an asset
  • Proven ability to delve into business topics to the point of becoming an expert, by your analyst approach is based on understanding the need in its broadest context, anticipating interdependencies, or imagining a final global solution.


Your main assets:

  • You have excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. 
  • Your ability to identify the key elements in a business process, a data workflow, a document, or an application are among your strengths.
  • Your ability to abstract and identify common elements from multiple sources (processes, data, documents, applications) makes you a key element on every project.
  • You are known for your ability to synthesize and develop the most effective path (process/data) to reach the goal.
  • As a person, you are pro-active and like to take the initiative, you are constantly a force of proposal both for the customers and within our teams and know how to show resilience and diplomacy in delicate situations.
  • Always goal-oriented, you are responsive to changes and you take care of your written and oral communication in all circumstances.
  • Your knowledge of BPM tools is no longer in question


Some additional assets that we would be delighted to find in you: 

  • Experience in Design Thinking 
  • Relational and non-relational database modeling 
  • Modeling of rule engines 
  • Modeling of calculation engines (simulation, calculation of statistical indicators...)
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Design of legal documents 
  • Management of the life cycle of a new business solution, from design to implementation

Interested in becoming an ELUCEEDER?

Send us your CV and a motivation letter and will get back to you with first feedback.